Absolute Quality

With the help of latest milling technology, coupled with traditional hands on experience, we provide the domestic and international market high quality rice with exceptional taste, texture, cleanliness, appearance and cooking quality. High quality rice starts with a company-wide mind set, the collective effort of our team and the support of well established industry partnerships. In coordination with experienced growers and drying facilities, we have the ability to pre-select the paddy (or rough rice) that comes to our facility. This allows us the unique opportunity to be proactive before the milling process begins.

Once the paddy is onsite, we begin the extensive testing process. Based on initial findings we are able to make strategic decisions and adjustments regarding our milling approach. Rice samples are collected, meticulously recorded and evaluated at regular intervals throughout the milling process. Cook tests are performed throughout the milling process. These tests are vital to our quality assessment. We evaluate characteristics of the rice including fragrance, appearance, taste and texture. We put experienced millers in place that understand the careful art and science of milling. Our millers are trusted to manage the delicate balance of the milling process. In addition to their specific skill set, a strong knowledge base pertaining to quality in all aspects of the process is required.