Our QA Program

From Paddy to Mill
From Paddy to Mill We start quality control from paddy procurement from farmers around the Narowal and Gujranwala districts. We select the best of available Paddy. This is our basis of procurement. Hundreds of samples are drawn and examined in our lab for final selection. Rice thus selected is stocked in our warehouses for aging. The record of the rice stocked in our warehouses is maintained meticulously.

A Disciplined Quality Assurance Program
The driving forces behind the high quality of our brown and milled rice are our resolute commitment to the highest standards of production along with a disciplined quality assurance program. Quality Assurance Manager Develop and oversees a meticulous quality assurance process that results in a premium product.

Third Party Certification
All Sarwar Foods products are ISO9001:2008, HACCP & U.S FDA certified. Standards apply to all products being exported. Criteria analyzed include broken content, moisture content, whiteness, defects and labeling requirements.

To ensure total adherence to European commission and FSA standards our consignments are stacked and loaded under the supervision of Third Party Inspection Agencies like Cotecna, Eurofin, BVQI and SGS.

Talented Employees
A quality assurance program such as this is ongoing and ever-improving. It takes the expertise and careful attention of many talented employees to test product quality around the clock. Sarwar Foods is proud to employ a team of individuals who work every day to ensure all our products meet the rigorous standards of our quality assurance program.