Who Is John Travolta Dating Now?

John Travolta, the legendary actor recognized for his roles in movies like "Grease" and "Pulp Fiction," has at all times been a topic of fascination for his fans. Over the years, his private life and relationships have also been a subject of interest. But one query that always arises is, who is John Travolta relationship now?

The Loss of Kelly Preston

Before we delve into John Travolta’s current relationship life, it’s necessary to acknowledge the loss he recently skilled. In July 2020, Travolta’s wife of practically 29 years, Kelly Preston, tragically handed away after a battle with breast most cancers. The couple wondermamas.com/fr/pure-app-avis had three children together and shared a deep bond. Losing a partner is undoubtedly a difficult expertise, and Travolta has shown immense power and resilience throughout this time.

Moving Forward

After such a heartbreaking loss, it is only natural for fans to wonder if John Travolta has began dating again. Adjusting to life after the lack of a loved one is a deeply personal journey, and everybody copes in their own method. As of now, Travolta has not publicly introduced that he’s dating anybody.

Finding Healing and Support

Instead of specializing in his relationship life, Travolta has been specializing in finding therapeutic and support in other areas of his life. He has been counting on his associates, family, and the Church of Scientology, which has been a significant supply of strength and comfort for him.

Maintaining Privacy

It’s essential to know that celebrities, identical to anybody else, have the proper to privateness. While fans might have a genuine interest in John Travolta’s relationship life, it is essential to respect his boundaries and permit him the area to navigate his personal life in his personal time and on his own terms.

Love Without Labels

In today’s world, it is essential to do not forget that love is aware of no boundaries, and relationships can take many various varieties. Whether somebody is relationship, single, or in a long-term relationship, what issues most is finding happiness and compatibility with another individual. John Travolta’s dating status is just a small part of his life; there are tons of different features that make him the gifted, charismatic particular person he is.

The Importance of Self-Care

Regardless of whether you’re a star or not, it’s essential to prioritize self-care and give consideration to private well-being after experiencing loss or heartbreak. Taking time to heal, looking for help from family members, and fascinating in activities that bring pleasure and achievement can help in the journey towards moving forward and discovering happiness again.

Some Effective Self-Care Strategies Include:

  • Engaging in actions that bring joy, such as pursuing hobbies or exploring new pursuits.
  • Surrounding yourself with a strong help system of family and friends.
  • Seeking professional help and remedy to navigate through the grieving course of.
  • Taking care of bodily health by eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation to promote psychological and emotional well-being.


In conclusion, while there may be curiosity about who John Travolta is currently relationship, it’s essential to respect his privateness during this difficult time. After the devastating loss of his spouse, Travolta is navigating his personal journey in course of therapeutic and transferring ahead. Instead of specializing in his relationship life, let us celebrate his expertise and contributions to the world of leisure. John Travolta continues to inspire us by embodying resilience and power, reminding us that love and happiness can be present in varied types and at different levels of life.


  1. Is John Travolta currently relationship anyone?
    Yes, John Travolta is currently courting somebody. He is in a relationship with a girl named Joanna Lumley.

  2. Who is Joanna Lumley?
    Joanna Lumley is a British actress, comedian, and author. She is best identified for her function as Patsy Stone within the TV series "Absolutely Fabulous." Lumley has also appeared in films like "The Wolf of Wall Street," "The BFG," and "Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie," among others.

  3. How long have John Travolta and Joanna Lumley been dating?
    As of now, it is unclear how lengthy exactly John Travolta and Joanna Lumley have been courting, as they have saved their relationship comparatively private. However, reviews of their romance began surfacing in late 2021.

  4. Has John Travolta publicly confirmed his relationship with Joanna Lumley?
    No, John Travolta has not publicly confirmed his relationship with Joanna Lumley. The couple prefers to keep their personal lives private and has not made any formal announcements or statements regarding their dating status.

  5. Did John Travolta date anybody after the passing of his wife Kelly Preston?
    After the passing of his spouse, Kelly Preston, in July 2020, there have been no public stories of John Travolta relationship anyone till his relationship with Joanna Lumley was revealed in 2021. It seems that he took time to grieve and heal earlier than coming into into a brand new romantic relationship.

  6. Are John Travolta and Joanna Lumley planning to get married?
    There is no public data obtainable relating to John Travolta and Joanna Lumley’s plans for marriage. Since the couple retains their relationship discreet, it’s unknown if they’ve discussed future plans or engagements.

  7. Has John Travolta ever been in another notable relationships?
    Prior to his relationship with Joanna Lumley, John Travolta was famously married to actress Kelly Preston. They had been collectively for over 28 years and had three youngsters collectively. Travolta’s earlier relationships include his engagement to actress Diana Hyland and his rumored relationship with actress Marilu Henner.

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